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Monday, 24 October 2011

Someone I Know

Okay #awkward .. Hi there. This is my 1st post and I feel like talking about someone (:

It is fun to have you around. I don't know why but you actually help make me laugh and forget how hurt I felt when the only person I thought meant the world to me left. True. I have lots of other friends but talking to them took only part of the pain which helps only a tiny bit. The whole thing is different when I'm talking to you. You make me forget. Thank you. Recently, you told me you're hurt because someone did something bad to you and the worst part is that you actually love that someone. I'm not a good place for you to seek for advice but I assure you I am capable of being a good listener. I couldn't tell you some things but here, I put it down in words :

You're a great person. You don't need people to complete you. You yourself is more than enough.
No matter how lonely you feel, put it this way : Friends will always be there
Don't blame people for mistakes done by a person in your life. It is unfair.
You COLOUR your life with things you want to remember but ERASE those that makes you sad.
Memories are memories. You can't touch them no more.
Try giving yourself another chance (:
Remember the YOU that I first got to know?
So cheerful and up for any challenges. Not the one who always feel lonely blablabla

Don't you remember? I do.
I remember the day you waved at me and yes, it caught me off guard. HAHA
I remember thinking that you were quite a cute person.
I remember that. It was funny though.

After a couple of years, we meet again (:
I remember how I did not recognize you.
I remember how I asked my friend 'Who is that?'
I remember how we actually became friends after the day we accidentally got stuck in the same group of friends.
I remember how we talked, oh well chat on Facebook.
I remember how it was easy for me to open up to you.
I remember you telling me all about your dramas in life.
I do remember a lot of things.

You are one good friend. That I can tell you. I find it easy to talk to you. It's because you would do most of the talking. All this while I would be the one starting a conversation but with you it doesn't necessarily have to be me. I find it nice that for once I would be the one listening not talking. I thank you for that :DD Not that I am saying I do understand you but I am trying.I'm not a mind reader so I don't know what do you think of me,but I can assure you I am glad that I got the chance to know you . You are fun to befriend and interesting to get to know. You see things differently than any typical people. I find that unique in a very weird way. Because the way you see those things, super WEIRD! You say things directly. Sometimes, truth hurts #justsaying HAHA! Yehh you make me laugh a lot with your stupid jokes. Talking to you makes me feel matured. I like that because not many can make me feel that way. Not old, MATURED. Note that eyy.

I don't know how to describe you but you are one unique person. Don't change that :D

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