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Monday, 31 October 2011

Goodbyes are Hard :'(

 Haha. Cliche? Yepp, righteous. Life is all about things making their way until people are tired and gotten used to it. Why oh why do we have weaknesses? I don't know, people say it's life. It spices things up for us sometimes. I'm writing this more to a personal basis. I once have a friend who was everything to me. If you're reading this, good because I'm sick of keeping it to myself. I hate you. However, tell you this, the opposite of love is not hate but it's indifference because if you hate someone so much, you still care yet indifference shows that the person means nothing to you but just a stranger you never knew. So, I do care about you just I can't bear the fact that you treated me like I'm a doll. Play with me when you're bored and set me aside when you got other things to get busy with. Seriously. It just crossed my mind that why am I still waiting when you don't even care. I have to learn to let go, not now but one day. Now, I just need to tell you this.. Thank You. You've been my strength for some time now. I would've broken down and lose the fight but knowing that you were there, I took the courage to get back up. I needed you and you were always there to help. I remembered getting myself stuck in a conflict and I ended up calling you to ease things up. It's easy to open up to you because I trusted you. See how much I relied on you before? You were once my strength but now you've become my weakness. Things change in just a blink of an eye. I cried to myself a lot of time and every time I shed tears, I promised myself to remember that you were the cause of my pain. You are the reason for me not having any trust to anyone anymore. For once I gave my whole trust to someone I was hoping would appreciate it instead that someone crushed them to pieces. I guess I was wrong to trust you from the beginning so I deserved it. I am grateful that you came into my life and walked out because you gave me a glimpse of what life is all about and a new perspective in it.I miss you. Believe me but I know one thing for sure, if I am brave enough to say 'Good Bye' life will reward me with a new 'Hello'. I give you my word I'll find the strength to say it one day. Yes, I will (:

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