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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wishing Is Normal :pp

Teddies!! Oh , I'm a sucker when it comes to teddy bears #truefact . I ell oo vee ee teddies that I can go crazy if you bring me to a place full of teddies. I would rather stay there and look at them all day. Mehehehe. Crazy much? I know. Well, I have some things in my wishlist that I want to put it down in words. Wishlist : #1. I want a teddy so big that I would feel tiny looking at it. Impossible? Well, it is a wish so adding a hint of impossibility won't hurt. Haha! Okay seriously, teddies make my day. I sleep with teddies, I like hugging them. So cuddly and adorable. Nuff said. #2. I want to scream out my lungs on a mountain or at least a cliff. I don't know why but it sounds fun. Don't you think so? #3. I want to do a bungee jump and sky diving. Extreme sports aren't to my liking but yes, I would love to try that. It's part of me being able to fly even for just a little while. That's the fun in it. #4. A date on a hot air balloon. Don't care if it's a date with a friend or a special friend as long as it's a hot air balloon. It's like you would be the only ones around and having the time alone. It's a moment to forget everything I'm going through and just enjoy the scenery. #5. I wish to sit and spend time in a meadow with someone I care so much one whole day. I know it sounds so cliche but I am just an average girl. Simple things can mean so much to me sometimes and I would treasure even the smallest effort someone does for me. Hee. Cheeky , yes I do realize that. Who cares as long as I'm happy and it is MY wishlist, right. :DD Bambambammm ..

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