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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Fake Ones Don't Stay


True that. I second this statement 110% without any doubts. Why?

Let me tell you. Why I say this is true? Reason here is I've met some who had been in my life for quite some time but when I needed them the most, they were NEVER there. How yucky is that? Hmm you tell me.. I used to think that the longer I know someone, I can trust them the most though everything I'm going through now proves me WRONG! Well, who says life is fair. All in all, things like this helps you realize what life is all about. For everything you have missed, you may gain something and for everything you have gained, you may lose something either. It is never a win-win situation. The point here is how you look at the outcomes whether it is in a positive or a negative perspective (:

Same rules applies to me. I lost some people in life but throughout the losing, I gained new friends who were there to help me get up. True friends will always be there when you are in need and fake friends are bound to leave you and not bother to even care. No matter how long you've known someone, it does not prove that the person is a true friend. The ones that stays alongside you without any reason on the other hand are those you might want to keep on hold in your life. They are the beauty life could offer to you after all the troubles it gives you :DD

Treasure the ones you have. Learn from mistakes you make. Never regret!

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