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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Nobody Is Weak

"I look into your eyes, all I see is deep down you want to cry"

Have you ever felt that way every time you look into a mirror? I do,sometimes. Emotional? Yes, soOo me :3  Well, I've read somewhere that to gain strength is to breakdown. Without breaking, no one would actually learn how to get up no matter what sex you are,male or female. Guys who cry aren't sissy or gay, obviously. A single drop of a tear a guy shed brings thousand of meanings and proves how manly he is to not be afraid to show his weaknesses. You do know that not many are brave enough to show how weak and breakable they are inside,right? Typical. I've met tonnes of people who act that way and I don't blame them because nobody would want to feel insecure. I admit I tend to do that most of the times. I show people how strong I am or can be , trying my best that I can live a simple happy life but.. NO! There are just things that would always make me cry and I have my own weaknesses. The person who always come out strong and seems to always have control of oneself would be the one in most need of a hug. Though, there is nothing to be ashamed of about being weak and vulnerable. It is part of us being human.  Insecurities make one wants to improve oneself and see past the imperfections thus, giving out one's inner strength. It is a balance cycle don't you think? (: So whatever it is just don't be all scared to feel weak, look on the bright side, after the rain is over you'll see colors of a rainbow and at the end of a rainbow there will be a pot of gold. It applies the same here, at the end of your weaknesses, you will find the reason to be strong. Falling is a challenge for one to stand back up and risk to take the first step even how hurtful one knows it could be. However, the reward is always worth the pain. Learn that life is never to wait for the storm to pass but to enjoy dancing in the rain 


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