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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Don't Assume Please (:

 The picture speaks for itself. Humans are so annoying because at 1st impression they tend to judge. See, our brains function to detect people's attitude , appearance and what not  and there comes 1st impressions. Well, the impressions we get at 1st sight may or may not be true. In my point of view, judging someone after getting to know them for a short while always mislead us to certain things. Observing someone by the way they dress up , talk , walk or whatsoever is a bad way to find out how they actually are in person. I sometimes do that too so I'm writing this to remind myself not to jump into conclusions just by seeing how someone appears to look like. I don't know why but I just hate it when people judge without knowing the truth or the story behind every action a person does. Seriously man, don't be so paranoia with things around you. A guy may appear all good-looking and gentleman but deep down he can be such a pain-in-the-butt jerk. A girl can be so flawless and dreamy but she might be a stuck-up-b***h somewhere so it's obvious that judgements on the outer personality is so wrong. Why not try making conversations and get to know them better then you can have the rights to judge. I know this because in life, I've encountered so many people who just judge from what they see without having the heart to know what the actual reason is behind every action done. I feel terrible on behalf of them for what they've been missing. Who knows the person they hate all this while could've been the best friend a person could ask for. Pity. So please, whatever it is try seeking for an explanation for a better glimpse of what someone is like. Don't be a hater because no hate is going to bring you satisfaction instead it'll only make you feel insecure about yourself. True. Hmm..I wonder how many relationships could have been saved, how many farce relationships unshackled, how many business deals might have been clinched, how many frauds could have been averted, if we were never equipped with this human-instinct of judging people from appearances! Lol. Who knows, right? Nobody. You do get me however that just don't be so judging on what appears to the naked eye because at times, only the heart speaks and knowing someone by the heart brings more joy and understanding rather than outer appearance (: Note that one can pretend to be someone one is not and vice versa. Life is full of adventures so enjoy experiencing them while you can and make the best out of it. Don't fill yourself with hatred because no fun will ever comes out of it :3

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