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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Moving On , I Hope (:

 SMILE pleaseee. Okay , I just want to make a point that I'm happy? Haha. No, it's just that I've come clean about my feelings to someone and pheww no more guilt now. Maybe a little bit of awkwardness but at least both of us would feel it instead of me alone which definitely will suck. I don't expect much because I'm tired of expecting so I'm just going to go with the flow. If it's working then (: but if it doesn't, I'll just take it as it is. I know all this while I've been talking about moving on, right? The truth is I've never planned on moving on, not at all. It's just me trying to convince myself that I am capable of moving on but I don't even have the strength for it. Amazing that all of a sudden, I am taking one step ahead of my past which I've held on for so long now. I don't plan to be having this feeling for anyone and by that I mean I don't easily have feelings for people but now here I am acting like this. *cuckoo* I don't even know if this is a right thing whether it is a good feeling or not. Seriously, I've given up. Then , when I went out with this person, for the 1st time I felt comfortable and easy. I don't feel that way with guys even if I've lots of guy friends, I don't put myself in a comfy state if I'm around them. This time, it just feels different for me. It's not the face, not the style but it's more to me feeling relaxed and not try so hard to be normal. Weird? You got that right. I don't even get me or what I'm talking about right now. HAHA. Whatever it is, I'm thankful for this because I am definitely moving on and this feeling I'm having helps a lot. I don't know if the person would feel the same way and as much as I know this feeling is wrong, I still am grateful despite what the outcomes might be. Thank you :D Sorry for the heads up. I'm not close to being a perfect someone but at times , I've figured out that happiness is yours only once you see past all the imperfections. No one can have what they want but they will get only what they need and that's life. I know that things usually falls apart so that other things will fall together so I'm taking my life that way. It had been broken once in the past but now I'm trying to fix it so new memories will fill in the old ones and best if it can replace them (:

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