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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sayangss :D

From left : Me , Mardhiah , Nabilah

 Meet us ! I don't know
what else to write so I'm introducing my 'husband' and 'madu'. Mehehehe #gedikgila Well, I just met them in University this year but we've gotten really close to each other. I have to say I like joking around with them. Mardhiah is the one always being funny and weird. Nabilah's more to a matured attitude
with a hint of cheekiness. They're really fun to hang around with (:

 This baby here on my lap is Ivy. She's my 'madu' too and with her around, it makes four of us a whole. She's very cute and fun to chit chat with. To top it up she's a honey and always being funny. See how it rhymes? lol (:

Okay so here it goes, I love this people so very much and even if we've only gotten to know each other for a short while, we've been through a lot together. Assignments, hang outs, troubles and such. A few months can be quite a memory for me being around them. When I cry, these people are the ones who would comfort me because I'm nowhere near my family. They make me feel like things are going to work out fine. They make me smile at every second a day no matter how rough things had been. I spend the morning till evening with all four of them and the nights with Madee and Ivy as Nabilah's not staying in college. We hung around each other
almost 24/7 so even if it was only a few months yet we know one other's life better. We share all the secrets together whether it is embarassing , bad or vice versa. We built our friendship with sincerity and no matter what we are in person, we always have each other's back and not let the other go down alone (: I love you guys and yes, I miss you so much. I hope that even if we're not in the same class next semester we can always stick like how we did for these past few months. Please? I can't see myself not being close to all of you this new semester. Sad actually and I pray that we can be in the same class. If not, I wish we could spend time together after classes are over :D 


Whatever it is, once a friend we stay friends , okay babies? :DD

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