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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Just A Day

 Dear blog, you've been a good companion and a loyal listener (: I thank you for that and I won't ask more of you only to just need you to stay the same. I've no idea what to write now but I still feel like writing and here it goes. Hmm, yesterday's okay and I did basically nothing apart from just sitting around at home in front of my laptop. Boring life? You tell me. So, I've been listening to this one video with three songs since morning up till now as in the whole day. I have no clue why am I so addicted to it but one thing's for sure is that I kept on pressing the replay button. Freaky, I can see that. It's just that there's too much in my mind and I need to tune it all down so I helped myself by listening to these songs. I don't even know what's right and what's wrong now. I need to talk to someone but I couldn't because I don't know how to explain things. I met my best friend today afternoon and I needed her so badly! I mean I need someone to tell me that I'm sane and whatever I'm doing is the right thing. If it's not the right thing, at least someone to tell me how to fix things. The whole day, I was able to hide my actual feelings but not now because I can't sleep. Please, I hope everything goes okay and I can actually forget things that I don't want to remember. I hoped that being with friends just now can actually make me let loose of myself and be more positive. I'm going to send a silent prayer so that what I hope will come true. Amin (: It was nice too despite all of the gloomy emotions I'm feeling, I admit that I did have some nice time. Thanks to some, I guess. That's all I'm telling. I had an up and down day but I'm still breathing and continuing my life hoping for a better outcome in the upcoming days :DD

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