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Thursday, 29 March 2012

One Night Stand With Le Babies :D

Last Days before Asasi Ends ! One night stand with my sayangs and roommates <3 Tutti frutti, Lawang Sari Cafe, Hotel, Midnight Movie (SAW5) We're awesome liddat because I had fun spending my days with them and that was one of my best nights ever !! The next morning we had roti canai in bed and cam whored before checking out ;D

My Lovely Sayangs and Roommates <3

The Devils at the back :3

Bullies. I'm the innocent victim. ALWAYS!

Sorry but we have ugly faces >.<

The terror of my mulut ikan :O HAHA

One DECENT picture for all to see (:

I miss you all so much. Nieyna who is always the emotional person in the room, looking after me and helping me buy food *that explains my weight* Bubu who is always corrupting my mind with Korean Dramas and such, listening to my non-stop babbling of nonsense *the bully* Mardhiah and Ivy who are always there to make my days and help me move on <3 I loooveee you weird, ugly-faced*includes me* people so much!

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Nieyna Helina said...

emotional? heee..mane ade..dramatik much adelah..haha..miss you to0 baby.