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Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Day Out To Treasure !

A day out with my bitches, Madee, Sara, Hazreen, Rose ;D Sunway Pyramid. We planned to go skating somehow ended up watching The Vow which they planned on crying but no tears came out *sigh Window shopped the whole day which was frustrating enough for me. Too many things that caught my eyes but I was not able to spend for I am sadly POKAI, yes I am :'( No matter what, we had fun !!

Comel lah tuu Rose?

When cheekiness takes over :3

They made my days a whole lot better ;D I love them no matter how far we separate after this, be sure to stay friends and remember what we had as a memory of our friendship (:
Group C peeps, I love you all to the deepest core of my heart ! <3

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